Favorite Caroline Forbes Caps (in order)

 1x10 The Turning Point (2/2)


Favorite Caroline Forbes Caps (in order)

 1x09 History Repeating (3/3)

"Are you okay?" "No, I’m not okay. But I’ll get better.”

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TVD meme - one vampire
Elena Gilbert. Even if I could be human again, I wouldn’t be the person that I was. So it’s about time that I accept the person that I am now and figure out a way… to start living the rest of my life.

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Breathe, eat, sleep, wake up, and then do it all over again until one day it’s not hard anymore.


I used to think the worst feeling in the world was losing someone you loved, but I was wrong. The worst feeling is the moment that you realize that you’ve
                                                                                  l   o   s   t
                                                                                          y  o  u  r  s  e  l  f  .

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I’ve reached a point where I’m comfortable in my own skin, and I do what I need to do, to feel good, but I’m built the way I am. The dancer’s feet, the bruises on my legs, they’re not going to go away. I think real girls have bruises. Tough chicks get bruised. They get dirty. And they have fun.