Phoebe Tonkin photographed by MJ Kim at SDCC - July 26, 2014

@devbostick “Mia Jones, so Degrassi’s picking up all the other schools trash now huh?” REUNITED ALAS!

I feel like, I’ve been holding on to the girl that was supposed to die here with her parents. The girl who had a normal life, and didn’t fall in love with vampires.

tv show meme → [3/4] female characters - caroline forbes (tvd)

Color MemeElena Gilbert + Spring Colors

anonymous asked: elena gilbert + autumn colours

Caroline Forbes in Every Episode | "The Descent"
”Small victories, Tyler. Last night was a victory. You know, let’s take it. . ”


c a r o l i n e in every episode |THERE GOES THE NEIGHBORHOOD,1.16


I’m a terrible, awful person, but I’m working on it.


Elena Gilbert Outfits In Every Episode (Part 11)